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Do All things Gracefully

All things should be done in Love,

All things should be said with Grace,

Not that we are trying to give others just what they want us to say,

But Kindness and Love is the way to go, for no war in anger was ever won,

So Kill “em” with Kindness and Do and Say all things with Love and Grace,

And maybe somehow we can win this human race.



It is Not Weak to be Meek

For the Lord desires a gentle and quiet spirit,

Meekness is far ahead of weakness,

It is Strong, It is Humble, It is Patient, Courage springs forth from it.

The wisest people are God’s chosen children with a simple childlike humble faith,

Praise be to Meekness for all of us Need It!

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The Lord is Our Strength

There is no shame in saying I am the weaker man,

Yes weaker in flesh but Stronger in Spirit, for when I am made weak then am I strong.

The Lord is my Strength I will Trust in Him,

For we had the sentence of death in ourselves knowing that we should not Trust in ourselves but in Christ who Raiseth the dead.

How Forgiveness Can Free You

I know how it feels when someone you know hurts you and the last thing you feel is to show Grace or Mercy,

Especially when your wounds are open and your scars are bare, sometimes the hurt can be so deep you don’t even want to share,

But here is the Mystery of God, he brings Forgiveness and you can too if you open your heart,

The sinner that it can really Free is You. ❤


My God and My Fortress

The Lord is my Rock in the Midst of a Storm. He gives me Shelter. He gives me Love. He sends his Angels from Heaven up above.

He is a Kind God, a Peaceful one. He leads me into the green pastures where the rivers run.

He knows my lying down and my standing up. He knows every inch of me, skin and blood.












A personal poem between me and God that I wrote back in 2005 during High School years.


Today I choose to lay down my Pride,

To Live…

To Live another Day of Life…

Today I choose Liberty, Freedom and Sight…

So I can heal the Brokenhearted and bring the Good News of God’s Love.

Today I choose Life.


Poem I wrote on the 31st of December 2016


I Hate Lies and Dishonesty

There is so much dishonesty now with information you read in books, in stories or on the net. I also can’t stand it when people lie just to make themselves look better or only give you half the truth because they are too proud to give you the whole story, yet there is still always going to be that confusion from the people that do this because a lie is a lie, also with the days getting darker it can be hard sometimes to find the truth in everything you are learning, but the answer is in God’s Word. Lies produce confusion and stress because lies are of the Devil, the father of lies and there is no Truth in him. He was a deceiver from the beginning.

I’m not saying I’m perfect just that I Love Truth which is contained in the book of Life called The Bible, God is not the author of Confusion, and God did not give us a Spirit of Fear, but of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind. The devil is the author of confusion don’t listen to him, he’s been a liar from the beginning and always will be. Start reading and studying your bible everyday (God says to meditate on his word), as we start to understand The Truth (God’s Word) there won’t be any room for confusion only wisdom. The Truth will make you free and unafraid to be who you are called to be and be an over-comer with the lies of man. Trust God for the impossible!

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