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Do All things Gracefully

All things should be done in Love,

All things should be said with Grace,

Not that we are trying to give others just what they want us to say,

But Kindness and Love is the way to go, for no war in anger was ever won,

So Kill “em” with Kindness and Do and Say all things with Love and Grace,

And maybe somehow we can win this human race.



It is Not Weak to be Meek

For the Lord desires a gentle and quiet spirit,

Meekness is far ahead of weakness,

It is Strong, It is Humble, It is Patient, Courage springs forth from it.

The wisest people are God’s chosen children with a simple childlike humble faith,

Praise be to Meekness for all of us Need It!

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The Lord is Our Strength

There is no shame in saying I am the weaker man,

Yes weaker in flesh but Stronger in Spirit, for when I am made weak then am I strong.

The Lord is my Strength I will Trust in Him,

For we had the sentence of death in ourselves knowing that we should not Trust in ourselves but in Christ who Raiseth the dead.