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The prodigal son returns

My brother Ben’s Inspiring Testimony of how he came to truly know Jesus Christ after being an agnostic. I love seeing how far he’s come!

Revolution for Jesus

ben Ben Hartnett

written by Ben Hartnett

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Ben. I’m just going to take a few minutes to share my testimony. I’m hoping that it will really inspire and encourage you on your walk with Christ, and if you’re not currently a believer I want to reassure you that God is real, He loves you and if you give Him a chance He will reveal Himself to you. Jesus said,

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him. (Revelations 3:20)

One thing I find so amazing about the Bible is how the stories, lessons, and parables taught, apply to so many peoples lives in so many different situations. They inspire us, comfort us during times of suffering, give us hope for the future and teach us how to live truly fulfilled lives…

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Deeper Meaning than Pop Culture

    Challenge Testimony Pg 1 2

My Article with Challenge News – How I Came Back to Jesus Christ (My First Love)

‘FOLLOW YOUR HEART’ was the motto Katharine Hartnett lived by until heartbreak prompted a search for deeper meaning in life.

Looking for a “fulfilling life”, Katharine says, “I just wanted to look cool and thought I’d find satisfaction in parties, clubbing and drinking.”

Her celebrity role models encouraged her to stay ‘in fashion’ and Katharine became obsessed with buying clothes.

“Every weekend I went to clothes stores and bought lots of dresses. But once I would get them, they felt like nothing, so I felt I had to go buy more,” she confesses.

In her pursuits of friendships, clothes, music, movies and hobbies, Katharine remained unsatisfied, as she recalls, “deep down I was always searching for something more, for a true and pure love.”

Amidst her turmoil of unhappiness, she sometimes thought about God as her parents were Christians and had put her in a Christian school.

“I knew there was a God,” she comments, “and that what I was doing wasn’t good, but I did not want to worry about that yet.”

The lack of satisfaction and meaning continued to plague Katharine until she reflected on the peaceful life of her parents.

“I began to pray and ask God to show me the way through my problems because I wanted something deeper. As I turned to Jesus Christ I found true satisfaction,” she explains.

In her journey towards God, Katharine read these words from Jesus: “For whoever will save his life [selfishly for himself] will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it” (Luke chapter 9, verse 24).

She felt deeply convicted by these words and decided to replace weekend visits to the clubs with quiet time studying her Bible for more answers to her burning questions.

Suddenly following her heart and living how she pleased seemed much more trivial than what she discovered God had planned for her in His Word, the Bible.

“My friends thought I was a nutcase for not wanting to partake in parties and clubbing events, but the conviction that I had wronged God in every way was so strong,” she explains.

She began searching for a Bible-based church and joined her mother and her scientist father Dr John Hartnett in family Bible studies.

As she read about Jesus’ “real love” in going to the cross to provide her forgiveness, Katharine says, “I demonstrated my love for Jesus by being obedient to Him and putting my faith in Him.”

“I believe that God, in His undeserved kindness, chose to save me and His Truth led me to repentance. I committed my life to Jesus by giving up control of my life because Jesus gave up His life for me when He died on the cross.”

The outcome of this, Katharine says, was that “God satisfied my soul with His Word, so that I no longer crave things that I once ‘needed’ for satisfaction.

“Although I may not have a lot according to the world’s standards, I have much more in Christ Jesus who died for me, and more in everlasting life to come.”

Apart from eternal life, Katharine says there are many blessings that come from being a follower of Jesus.

“God often reminds me of a comforting Bible verse when I am feeling depressed or sad and time with Him is the only thing that lifts me up and gets me over the hump.”

To others who find themselves caught up in unhelpful addictions, Katharine says, “Jesus came into the world to save sinners. By having faith in Jesus, that He is God the Son and He took the punishment for your sin, you will be saved. Jesus will never reject you, leave you heartbroken or lonely because He is with you always through the Holy Spirit (see John 14:23).”

Note: When I was about 16 I gave my life to the Lord and came to him more because of the seizures I was having at the time. As I grew up into my early 20’s I backslid and fell into some bad things with friends when I was still trying to find my way in life, I still had my relationship with God but it just wasn’t very strong. So what I wanted to explain in all of this was that I kept on praying to God even in the time I was in darkness and he didn’t fail me or give up on me (2 Timothy 2:13 If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.) Jesus has been a very faithful friend indeed in that he delivered me out of all my misery and trials and bondage of wrong doings and brought me back to him.

Overcoming demons through Jesus’ Name

My nephew Kyle Pellerin’s very encouraging and inspiring testimony of how he found the truth (Jesus) and overcame his demonic attacks of demons 🙂

Revolution for Jesus

Kyle’s testimony of his salvation and overcoming fear from demons at night through the power of Jesus’ Name.

Kyle PellerinI was born and raised in a Christian family, as a young child the idea of heaven and the life after death was a great fantasy I wished would be fulfilled. Although my parents were never forceful of attending Church nor reading the Bible, I fully was convinced that Jesus and God was real. Although later in life, this idea was only reassured as the only possibility. In my life I’ve experience a lot of spiritual warfare but it’s only brought myself closer to Jesus.

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve been able to sense if something is with me or close to me in the current room. It’s difficult to describe, although this feeling is associated with fear and that someone is watching you. When I was young, this feeling scared me…

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Jesus, Lover of My Soul (My Testimony)

Jesus the Real, True, Pure, Merciful, Gracious, Holy, Lover of my Soul. I have had a lot of different loves in this life including people, relationships, things, clothes, music, movies, hobbies, you name it. But deep down I always was searching for something more, for that true, pure, gracious love that only Jesus can give. No one and nothing else seemed to satisfy me, not ever! (but I still am passionate about what God has blessed me with!). God is so Amazing in how he works things and brings us closer to him, and when God disciplines us through sanctification that’s real love, for he shows that he cares for us. Before I really came to know the Lord on a much deeper lever I was seeking a fulfilling life through people and friends, wanting to fit in with the crowd and look cool, going out to parties, clubbing and drinking etc. Although I knew that God was there and kinda knew that what I was doing wasn’t really good I still thought I could just let it slide and not worry about it yet (what people call procrastinating) and I wanted to do this because everyone else was, I thought it was the way to enjoy life since everyone is doing it! I also used to be an obsessive shopper and would waste my money buying lots of dresses from Ally every weekend, but once I would get them, they felt like Nothing, I still wasn’t satisfied and had to go buy more. Only when I came back to truly know Christ again (when my eyes were opened) did I realize how many clothes I had built up and that I really didn’t need to have bought all of them, but I know it only happened because I didn’t have Jesus to fill that void in my heart beforehand. Only when I came back to my first love (Jesus) did I end up throwing out a lot of clothes and giving to the more needy and now I hardly ever buy any new clothes anymore because of all the ones I’ve built up from years ago. My friends thought I was a nutcase for not wanting to partake in these party/clubbing events anymore, since it’s what all young people do right? But the conviction I had upon my life was so strong it brought me to tears for I know it was the Holy Ghost convicting me of sin, and I know I had wronged God in every way and didn’t want to continue on the path of unrighteousness. I wanted to cease doing evil and start on the path of righteousness. Psalm 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. After that I stopped going out and partying and started looking for good churches to fellowship in. I tried a Baptist church, 2 Pentecostal churches and 1 Church of Christ, all of which I still found were a bit off topic, I was REALLY searching by now, and I wanted the truth, not some more jibber jabber. So by then I left the churches and started studying the Word of God for myself with a few family bible studies at home as well, this is about the time I was truly filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Later I found out my Dad got a new job in Adelaide which meant we were going to be moving, this greatly grieved me. Even though I had changed my life and turned back to God I still didn’t want to leave Perth, I would miss all my family, nephews and nieces. So I tried as hard as I could to stay in Perth. I did as much as I could in my own strength to stay, but God had bigger plans for me. No matter how hard I tried, I always failed. This really humbled me because it showed me that I must trust God’s will for my life, not my own. Proverbs 3:5-6 For a long time when I was lost and still searching I kept praying to God to free me from the dens and workers of iniquity and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I was really praying that God would bring some good faith filled Christians into my life, some people that were really seeking the truth too that I could fellowship with, I just didn’t know that these people would be in Adelaide. Only after we moved to Adelaide did I start to realize God’s plan for my life. I found some great faith filled believers to fellowship with in church and bible studies. My dad also started finding people off the street when witnessing and bringing them home for bible studies at our house. It was satisfying to finally be able to find rest for my soul. God satisfied my soul with his word so I no longer craved these things of the world. God really answered my prayer and I know I am now in a much better place, even though I may not have a lot according to the worlds standards but I have much more in Christ Jesus who died for me and the life to come. Praise God!

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